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National Startup Day

The honorable Prime Minister has declared the 16th of January as National Startup Day. This is a fascinating development and a piece of excellent news for the Indian startup ecosystem. As a humble contribution from my side, I plan to give the kindle copy of my book, “Reclaim Your Inner Entrepreneur,” free today and tomorrow. Please fill in this form, and I will send you the information to download the book. I will also send three physical copies of the book for the first three people who register. If you cannot access the form, please dm your email address to me, and I will send you the information. Kindly share this for wider circulation.

About the book

Reclaim Your Inner Entrepreneur is a journey into entrepreneurship with seasoned entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship researchers, and famous icons in entrepreneurship. It is a conversational, informal discourse that feels like a discussion with a close friend or a mentor. It aims to clear the mist spread over the domain of entrepreneurship and establish counterintuitive truths. Welcome to the exciting yet unpredictable world of entrepreneurship.

The author was a part of the executive teams of two startups sold to HP and Blue Yonder for multi-million dollar valuation. He was also one of the first bloggers in India and the founder of one of the first social networks in India. He is currently working on an ed-tech startup in the personal productivity space.

Some Reviews

This book doesn’t just apply to aspiring startup enthusiasts, but to all who are inflicted with the fear of change, do something different, and feel comfort in holding on to old beliefs to their nails.

All the young people out there who are confused about how to scale your business or any hindrance is coming in your way , you should must take some time out and read this book it will surely help you out .

There are so many things you can learn from this book that can help you besides business as well such as the importance of consistency, lessons from failures, good social relations, avoiding certain things, and more.

Don’t read this in a single stretch and don’t read it just once. Loosely mark the positions of the eighteen gems and keep on revisiting them

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Thanking you in advance.