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Hi Stranger, Welcome to my small home in the quiet corner of the internet. I am thrilled to have you choose this page over the billions of pages in the hyperspace. The core purpose of internet is to communicate, and the purpose of this page is no different. I seek to communicate with you in way that is mutually beneficial. The areas that interest me are investing, entrepreneurship and writing, and I have dedicated pages for each of them.

You can check my books. I write both fiction and non-fiction. Some of the books are Amazon bestsellers, and all of them are honest.

You may be curious about the tagline, the perpetual amateur. Here is the blog post that explains it.

I am passionate about personal growth and helping people achieve their goals and build a productive and happy life. Please head over to Reclayu to learn more about my efforts in this direction. You can become a member and get a free book.

A very warm welcome to you again. Please read my blog to read many book reviews, some literary excursions, my musings about business, investing, entrepreneurship, and other miscellaneous stuff. Please do not forget to send me a mail to tell me what you think of this site. If I know you from college or from other professional connection, please let me know you visited.