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A skateboarder does a grab trick in a bowl-shaped skate park. In the background is a watching crowd, palm trees, and the ocean.
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  • National Startup Day

    The honorable Prime Minister has declared the 16th of January as National Startup Day. This is a fascinating development and a piece of excellent news for the Indian startup ecosystem. As a humble contribution from my side, I plan to give the kindle copy of my book, “Reclaim Your Inner Entrepreneur,” free today and tomorrow.…

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  • Are you the drunk searching under the streetlight?

    Are you the drunk searching under the streetlight? The streetlight effect is a type of observational bias. It comes from the often-quoted story about the drunk and the streetlight and appears first in Mulla Nasruddin tales.  It goes like this: A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what…

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  • Neighbourhood Creativity

    Kevin Kelly’s article I linked to yesterday made one point which I have been thinking about and telling everyone I meet. The fact that you reading this, a weblog created by a non-entity, non-celebrity, makes that point too. And since you are reading it, you quietly believe in it too. The take-away in bold then…

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