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A skateboarder does a grab trick in a bowl-shaped skate park. In the background is a watching crowd, palm trees, and the ocean.
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  • Are you Financially Literate? – Guest Post by Praveen Parthasarathy, Co-Founder of

    I am pleased to share the guest post by Praveen Parthasarathy, Co-Founder of Praveen is building something really interesting in the FinTech space that could potentially impacts lives of millions of Indians in a very positive way. In this post, he shares key insights about financial literacy. Are you financially literate? Financial literacy is…

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  • Transformations of Different Kind

    Any kind of change, especially radical change, brings with it many challenges for all the people involved. It is therefore insightful to take a look at them as a whole. Let’s look at corporate transformations, startup pivots, and individual career transformations as one thing and see if we can learn something by comparing the similarities…

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  • Fascination with the Mundane

    Fascination with the Mundane

    As I watch “The Disciple” – a painfully pessimistic movie in which the protagonist does not go through the typical character arc recommended by most screenplay experts, a friend’s question rings in my ear, “Who wants to read books about losers?”. The protagonist typically follows the character arc of the hero. He is someone who…

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