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Finance and Investing Books

Over the last thirty years, I have read several finance and investing books. Finance and Investing is not only interesting, but is a very important topic for anyone who wants to lead a balanced life, doing what one wants to… Continue Reading →

Small things

It is the tiny habits that become one’s nature. It is very important to be disciplined in every day things.


Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein argued in their influential book, “Nudge”, that if we redesign our daily environment in such a way that it makes it easier to do things that we want to do and more difficult to do… Continue Reading →

The Tyranny of Perfect

Leonard Cohen crooned, rather perfectly:Ring the bells that still can ringForget your perfect offeringThere is a crack, a crack in everythingThat’s how the light gets in These are the kinds of lines that set you free. Free from the compulsion… Continue Reading →

Establishing A Daily Routine

One of the essential practices in the vein of Slow Compounding is to establish a daily routine. Daily routine is essentially a set of activities that you do every day and have specific time market out or a specific goal chalked out…. Continue Reading →

The perpetual amateur

Kids and Adults – A Contrast From the balcony of my house, I can see the kids’ playground. It is fun observing kids play for hours, seemingly achieving nothing, trying the same thing over and over and still having so… Continue Reading →

Kumar Mangalam Birla on 2020

Kumar Mangalam Birla, in his 2020 letter on linkedin, reproduced here makes some very interesting points about the impact of the pandemic on the businesses and draws some insightful conclusions. Corporations are Citizens that count Perhaps uniquely, the crisis also brought to… Continue Reading →

Asset Allocation and Diversification

There is a lot of research on how much of the typical returns of funds are from Asset Allocation and how much are from performance of individual asset. The general consensus is that “Asset allocation determines the majority of returns”…. Continue Reading →

Why is Bill Gates buying farmland?

There were several media reports that Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, was now the biggest owner of Farmland in the world. The question is why he is doing so? His… Continue Reading →

Slow Compounding

In this great Youtube video, Chamath talks about a very important phenomenon for success in any field. He talks about the ability to get extraordinary returns on capital as an ability to work on hard problems in an unique way… Continue Reading →

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