Atul is an investor, entrepreneur, mentor and writer based out of Bangalore. He started an independent career after working for 25 years with many companies in many areas. He has been in sales, marketing, finance, operations, technology and general management in startups and large companies. Two of the startups where he was a part of the management team, were sold at multimillion dollar valuations and are a part of HP and JDA.

Atul has been an avid programmer, writer and ardent proponent of internet as a life changing technology. He risked his stable career in the world’s largest financial services companies to jump to an internet startup in 1999 for following his passion. He was the first blogger in India starting his blog in April 1999. He started the first multiplayer game, featured on CNBC in 1999. He built one of the first social networks in India with his own money in 2000.

He was one of the early software product managers building entire product out of India in 2000. Over the last two decades, he has built several multi million dollar products in diverse domains like finance, legal, mobile and retail using cutting edge technologies like AI and NLP before they became a buzzword.

Atul is currently focusing on investing in public markets as well as private markets. He is a mentor to technology startups or startups that use technology as a key component of their strategy. He is also a regular writer on topics related to management, investing, technology, individual productivity and happiness. If you want to get in touch with him for any of the above areas, please see the contact information.