National Startup Day

The honorable Prime Minister has declared the 16th of January as National Startup Day. This is a fascinating development and a piece of excellent news for the Indian startup ecosystem. As a humble contribution from my side, I plan to… Continue Reading →

Are you the drunk searching under the streetlight?

Are you the drunk searching under the streetlight? The streetlight effect is a type of observational bias. It comes from the often-quoted story about the drunk and the streetlight and appears first in Mulla Nasruddin tales.  It goes like this:… Continue Reading →

Neighbourhood Creativity

Kevin Kelly’s article I linked to yesterday made one point which I have been thinking about and telling everyone I meet. The fact that you reading this, a weblog created by a non-entity, non-celebrity, makes that point too. And since… Continue Reading →

Two of my books in Prime Reading

Two of my books, “Brothers Sen Gogh”, and “Whiskey and Suicide” are selected to be a part of “Amazon Prime Reading”. According to their website, Prime Reading is “1,000 carefully curated books, magazines, comics and Kindle Singles”. I am happy… Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Talented Mr. Ripley – Patricia Highsmith

If you meet Tom Ripley in the street, you will think he is a decent, shy, innocuous young guy. The first few pages make you feel that he is just another young guy who wants to play pranks by making… Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Heart of The Matter – Graham Greene

“The Heart of the Matter” by Graham Greene is the story of Henry Scobie, a major in the colony of Africa. Racism is rampant; slavery is common and religious drive is taken seriously. Scobie is a pious man, not outwardly… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Less Than Zero

Less Than Zero is the slice-of-life narration of four weeks of Clay’s life. Clay is back from his school on vacation to his hometown of Los Angeles. He is part of the artistic elite, the kids of movie directors and… Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

The Goldfinch is truly a Dickensian novel, as many people have already observed. It is the odyssey of Theo, his coming of age story, and his meeting many oddball characters throughout his life. As in The Secret History, the plot… Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Donna Tartt’s “The Secret History” is slow burn as slow burn can be. The characters develop extremely slowly, over pages of back story, descriptions of peculiarities, seeming trivial incidents that do not mean anything, but they add up to something… Continue Reading →

Reclaim Your Inner Entrepreneur

I am happy to announce my book, “Reclaim Your Inner Entrepreneur”, now available on Amazon for purchase. How do you go about starting a company? What are the traits of a successful entrepreneur? Should I seek funding before I go… Continue Reading →

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